Victor Kirallah - Testimonials

“Victor is great to work with. All the characteristics you wish for in a broker he seems to consistently fulfill. We love working with people who focus on results, and Victor is one of them.”

Sam Khouri - President, Rebel Development Company

“I have worked with Victor Kirallah for some time now and cannot be more pleased with his efforts. He has found several strong locations in one of our most mature markets with very specific criteria. He sets the proper expectations for both sides prior to the negation process so there has not been any surprises on either side. I cannot be happier with Victor’s efforts and execution.”

Rawley Shelton - Real Estate Manager, Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

“Victor has been a great resource for my team and Cricket Wireless overall. As we navigate to add additional distribution presence in the market Victor’s knowledge and tenacity have been instrumental in our progress. We look forward to our continued work together in growing Cricket Wireless further in 2020.”

Antwone Williams - Market Director, Cricket Wireless

“Victor has been a long time friend and recently became our broker to support our development strategy within our business portfolio. Victor is passionate and relentless in his efforts to support his client. He isn’t just a nine to five guy and is always available when you need him. Being a great broker has a lot to do with getting your client a great deal, but equally important is their ability to listen. Victor listens to his clients’ needs and creates a plan based on those needs. He shares his opinions and insight while allowing his client to maintain control of the vision.”

Stephanie Altenburger - North East Ohio Area Developer, Restore Hyper Wellness

“Victor has been instrumental in helping identify the best locations for us to start our new business. His relentless effort and 24 hr a day response time sets him apart from all other partners we have worked within the past. He has been well beyond what we expected and highly recommend him without question.”

Brian Alberty - Franchisee, Bigby Coffee